Kanban in IT Operations

We’re IT Operations – Agile practices don’t work for us…

I regularly hear comments from staff in IT Operations around how Agile methodologies such as Scrum can’t work for them, i.e. we have many tickets per day with changing priorities by the hour so iterations won’t work for us.

From July 2011 – September 2011, Kanban and other Agile practices were introduced  to a very busy IT Operations department for a leading UK website. Here I aim to share the experiences from this period of change.

Please don’t interpret the contents of this site as a blueprint for your organisation. There are aspects of this Kanban implementation which are very specific to the challenges and landscape faced by this organisation.

This implementation is by no means perfect and may at times stray from the text book guidance. There are a number of known systemic issues that this Kanban system purposely doesn’t address – but they are made highly visible and apparent. Only time will tell if management thinking is shifting to address these wider systemic issues.

ok, caveats over, I hope you enjoy the rest of the site and please provide feedback, ask questions, and share knowledge!

I’ve activated comments on all pages of this site so please ask questions if you’d like me to elaborate on any areas.