Faced with “can you come and introduce Kanban to our organisation”, the first question must always be Why?

So, here’s why:

  • many teams (DBA, Networks, Sysadmins, Service Desk, Release team) often inadvertently working against each other.
  • All communication done via helpdesk software and emails, even when individuals sat next to each other resulting in very little collaboration and team work.
  • Very large overtime bill with many individuals regularly working a 70 hour week.
  • Over 60 projects in flight – prioritisation by “he who shouts the loudest”
  • Project Managers going head to head over shared resources and applying unfair pressure to delivery teams
  • Teams time-slicing between projects, departmentally struggling to manage many stakeholders and strike a healthy balance between projects, incidents, and BAU.
  • Regularly missed deadlines, wasted capacity – particularly around hand-offs, waiting time, and lot’s of partially done work.
  1. Ian:

    As an Agile coach I dealing wiht exactly the same problem. The client was originally sold SCRUM (not me) but once I was in there I realized SCRUM was not the correct solution, they have shared evleopment resources doing mutiple tyeps of work IE enhancment, new development, bugs, and system updgrades. This is a very large orgianzation. My first observation was each manager needed a kanban board to visual the mutiple programs they support. The kanban board would show projects though the system.

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