Retrospectives are a completely new concept for the teams in this operations department. Each team in the department runs a retrospective every two weeks. Retrospectives currently follow the following format but the teams have been encouraged to experiment with approaches to retrospectives:

  • What works well that if we don’t discuss may get forgotten?
  • What should we do differently next time?
  • What still puzzles us?

All of the teams keep their blockers once unblocked and review these in each retrospective to look for common causes of delay. So far this has proven very useful and a number of issues have been ironed out.

Following the first retrospective of each team a common comment was “Is two weeks too frequent? Will we have anything to discuss at the next retro?”. 3 months on and they are all still coming up with improvements. If anything, the number of improvements identified is probably on the increase! Good old continuous improvement!

Now the teams have got into the habit of retrospectives, they are encouraged to “bend the rules” and not wait until the next retrospective to act on improvements.


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