The Landscape

Here’s a very high level schematic of how this IT Operations department hangs together. There are a number of teams not shown on here to simplify the diagram.

  • All teams use an electronic job tracking system called InfraEnterprise (now owned by VMWare)
  • All teams loosely follow ITIL practices
  • All of these teams with the exception of 3rd parties, and Service Lines are in the same room
  • Each of the teams sit together in banks of desks so no cross functional co-location
  • The I&IS Programme Plan work (projects) are tracked manually by a group of 3 project managers
  • The Service Lines are product development teams who work on the main websites and deliver functionality into IT Operations. They are not part of I&IS and are shown here to show the departmental interfaces.
  • The ARE team are Application Release Engineers who take deployment packages from the Service Lines and manually deploy them into the Live environment.
  • The box at the bottom – I&IS Programme Plan – contains 16 projects currently in flight. Apparently this is a lower number of projects in flight than normal…

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